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There is a phrase that still fills me with joy: “It’s going to snow.” I don’t mean an exuberant joy, the kind that calls one to play in the snow and build a snowman. No. It’s a quiet joy, the kind that calls me to listen…

Thoughts on a Snow Day



Cattle Run Farm, established in 1972, may have started with a focus on cattle but it’s a multifaceted organization today. You’ll find a variety of hogs like Yorkshire and Hampshire, a couple of goats, laying chickens and broilers, and┬áBlack Angus, Charolais, and Herefords grazing these rolling acres.

Visiting Cattle Run Farm

I needed a change of scenery today. It had been several weeks since I’d been to the Northern Fauquier park, and I thought I might see different winter birds there. I sighed aloud with a Mallard and Muscovy, felt my spirits lifted by the Canada geese, and found peace in the chaos.

A Change of Scenery

For me, a photographer who usually captures joy in nature or in candids at community events, this, my first maternity shoot, was simply magical. Perhaps it was even more so because we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has created so much uncertainty in the world. I left the mountains with gratitude for our time together and a certainty in my heart that this young family is all that is right in the world.

Matt and Shannon’s Maternity Shoot at Piedmont Memorial Overlook



In May of this year, my family lost its matriarch when Betty Phillips passed away. This week, we lost our patriarch when her husband of nearly 70 years, Bob Phillips, joined her. Wherever they may be, I would not be surprised to learn that they…

Remembering Bob Phillips



The Silver Tones brought their “itty bitty” big band sound to Old Town Warrenton on a hot Saturday night. Affectionally called The Silver Tens, the 17-member band has scaled back a bit to adapt to this time of COVID19. Their sound is still BIG, though, as…

The Silver Tones Bring Summertime Swing to Old Town Warrenton

I am stepping out of my comfort zone a bit with these words. You see, an influential person in my life passed away during this Spring of the Coronavirus. It was not from COVID19. It was simply her time after bringing forth her unique style…

Remembering My Aunt Betty



Another month has come to a close. As I type, I’m listening to the rain and watching the colors of our woods deepen as they soak up the moisture. The birds continue to dart back and forth between our feeders, trying to dodge the large…

April Ends. A Family Begins.

As I write this, it’s been less than a week of the official quarantine guidance going coast to coast. We are out of our routines. For many, our jobs and volunteer responsibilities are on hiatus. We can’t visit our loved ones out of concern for…

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